Our Office
Milan Medical (*NEW* Mailing Address)
PO Box 720455
Oklahoma City, OK 73172
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da Vinci Network Services (Physical Address)
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Our Help Desk

Available Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm Central Time, our primary means of providing support is our help desk.

In addition to handling issues relating to our software and service, we also field a lot of questions about:
  • starting up a new business
  • computer issues
  • networking issues
  • navigating rules, regulations, and bureaucracies
Aside from the support line, our training videos page is a great resource for self-paced walkthroughs and information gathering.

Because of privacy reasons, we are not able to help with any clinical related issues.

The help desk can be reached by calling toll free at:
or by direct dial at:
or by sending an email to:


Below is a list of our commonly sought out documents.

  • Agency - Managed Care Levels In Milan (PDF)
  • Agency - Medicaid Patients Switching To Manage Care Payor (PDF)

  • Humana - Availity Setup
    This pdf will give you screenshot steps to follow to get setup in Availity.
    Managed Care – Humana Setup (PDF)

    Next, you need to set up an account within Availity to allow us to access the Humana ERAs. This is an issue with Humana's setup, they will not allow you to send them to our customer account. The following guide tells you how to do this, we recommend choosing a name based on your Milan acronym. You must then send us an email using the Help menu with the credentials for this account. Do not send this email via a normal mail client, only directly through Milan.
    Create_an_Availity_FTP_account (PDF)

  • OK Complete Health Setup
    You need to get set up with PaySpan for each Tax ID you use. Availity initially claimed to support RAs for this payor, but no longer indicated they support RAs. We were hoping this was temporary, but we will be needing to download 835s directly from PaySpan. Still do the setup steps for Payspan from this document:
    Managed Care – OK Complete Setup (PDF)
    We no longer need the first pages filled out and uploaded, since that was for the now unavailable Availity registration.

    Next, you need to setup the FTP account following this guide:
    Creating FTP Mailbox through PaySpan (PDF)
    Finally, you must then send us an email using the Help menu with the credentials for this account. Do not send this email via a normal mail client, only directly through Milan.

  • Aetna Setup =UPDATE 2024-05-06=
    We have several customers reporting a substantial fee (about 2%) being charge by this payor for "Claim Transmission". This is being charged by ECHO, not by us. We are told that this is a result of not filling out the ERA/EFT form, but cannot verify this. Again MILAN is not charging extra for this payor.

    We are submitting billing to Aetna Better Health Oklahoma (128OK) now via Availity. You will need to setup an account for EchoHealth (Click here). This may not work until AFTER the first claim payment is made from Echo into your account, which is odd, since it's supposed to be a sign-up for the EFTs that would be placed into the account. Calls to the ECHO support lines have not clarified this, and ultimately gave us the phone number to call Availity, closing the circle of non-information.

    We believe that we now have an RA channel completely identified, via direct download from Echo. This means we need you to fill in this form:
    Echo ERA/EFT Setup (PDF)
    We have partially filled it out with our information. Fill in the remaining blanks except for the Clearinghouse information which is not applicable, then submit directly to Echo following the instructions at the top of the form. Do not send this to us, we cannot submit it on your behalf.

  • Milan Security Statement (PDF)
  • Milan Manual (PDF)
  • Milan Manual (HTML)
  • LOC/LOT Manual (PDF)
  • Patient Handling A-Z for Agencies (August 2023)
  • Patient Handling A-Z for LBHP (August 2023)
  • Handling Rehabilitation Services in Milan
  • Milan Mobile Instructions (Android)
  • Milan Mobile Instructions (iOS)
  • New Customer Packet - Useful information for new Milan customers.
  • HP EDI Request Form - Required form for OK Medicaid providers.
  • Scanner Test Page - Useful form to help diagnose scanner issues.
  • Standard Milan Contract - Milan contract for all other providers.
  • Business Associate Agreement - Additional privacy agreement.